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About Us

Who are UK and Irish Roots?

UK and Irish Roots specialises in tracing families of those that have died in the UK and Ireland who are entitled beneficiaries of those that have died leaving no will and whose estate has fallen to the crown.

They are a small but established limited company in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, who have over 15 years of background experience in tracing people.

Routinely extracting over £1 million per year from the treasury on behalf of entitled beneficiaries, if we have contacted you, you are very likely to be one of those who is entitled. Want to meet The Team?

What is Heir Hunting?

What is Heir Hunting?

What is Heir Hunting?

‘Heir Hunting’ is a term offered to the process of tracing heirs to an estate where someone has died without leaving a valid will.

In the UK, these estates wind up in the Treasury bank account and sit there for a number of years.

The Treasury cannot however simply keep the money – they are obliged in law to advertise the estate for many years, allowing it to be claimed wherever possible.


Of course, nobody really looks at these lists to see whether their long lost relative has died without leaving a valid will – and so the publicly published document, giving information in detail of the deceased, is worked on by teams of ‘Heir Hunters’, ourselves included.

The Treasury is required to publish, and add interest, to estates for a period of 12 years. They also continue to publish the lists without interest after 12 years, and up to 30 years.